10T/day waste plastic to oil machine shipped to Ethiopia

Delivery / Chat on line / Give me a price / Jul 16, 2019

On July 16, 10T/D waste plastic to oil machine was shipped from to Ethiopia. Customer purchased this machine to process both waste tyre and plastic. The oil produced will be used as an alternative fuel for the gypsum plant.

waste plastic to oil machine10T/D waste plastic to oil machine loaded and ready for delivery

Here are some pictures of waste plastic to oil machine loading in Qingdao port.

waste plastic to oil machineWaste plastic to oil machine in Qingdao port to be shipped to Ethiopia

The plastic to oil machine is equipped with a vacuum device that quickly removes excess water from the waste plastic to increase equipment efficiency. This is a very important reason why customers choose us. More about the plastic to oil machine, welcome to contact us.

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