Latest plastic pyrolysis oil refining technology - waste plastic oil to diesel plant

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From waste plastic oil to diesel plant, plastic pyrolysis oil can be obtained. By refining technology, the plastic pyrolysis oil can be converted into diesel with higher value. As the latest recycling technology, DOING waste plastic oil to diesel plant is specialized in refining plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel and residue.

plastic oil to diesel plantWaste plastic oil to diesel plant

Diesel is used in ships, generators, and various mining machinery, which is very easy to find the buyer for this diesel, thus reducing the difficulty of starting this business. The produced residue can be used as raw materials for asphalt production, which is used for paving roads, and the sales route is also convenient. This utilization method is one of the best solutions for recycling of plastic pyrolysis oil, due to the low investment and short capital turnover cycle.

pyrolysis oil refiningDiesel oil application

DOING Machinery specializes in the manufacture of waste plastic oil to diesel plant and has made great investments in equipment research and development. The latest waste plastic oil to diesel plant adopts a vertical reactor, which has the following advantages over the traditional horizontal reactor.

1.Speeding up the reaction time and shorting the reaction cycle within one day

In addition to the bottom heating, the vertical reaction reactor is also heated by heating transfer oil, and the heat transfer oil pipe is in the middle of the furnace body, which greatly increases the heat receiving area.

2. Convenient discharging method

In the traditional horizontal reactor, it is necessary to wait for the oil residue to be completely cooled before the slag can be discharged. The worker must enter the middle of the reactor to excavate. The whole process takes about 10 hours, and there is also a great safety hazard.

3. Saving fuel

The traditional horizontal reactor requires 3 to 4 days of reaction time, which requires uninterrupted heating and greatly wastes fuel. Since the vertical reactor’s reacting time is short, fuel is saved greatly.

pyrolysis oil to diesel plantThe vertical design reactor of DOING waste plastic oil to diesel plant

The newly designed waste plastic oil to diesel plant has won the praise of many customers, we will spare no effort to continue to improve our products, and look forward to your valuable suggestions.

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